HEAD Is Making Headway

Did you know that our fearless leader–Keith Paul–is a puppeteer?

It’s true! He’s partnered with those crazy kids over at Elmwood Productions for a few projects now, including his role in the highly-anticipated, all-puppet horror flick HEAD!

HEAD is a one-of-a-kind film starring an all puppet cast in a throwback to the slasher films of the 1970’s and 1980’s. A group of twenty somethings go for a nice fall weekend camping trip and end up in the middle of nightmare they may never escape from…

And now? HEAD is going on the road!!!

HEAD - HORROR THE ELMWOOD WAY is a puppet horror film harking back to the 70s era of horror. Screenings will be held on 3/28 and 3/29 in Plantsville, Connecticut

That’s right–HEAD will be a part of **3** film festivals, getting out in front of more eyes, and (hopefully!) winning some well-deserved accolades!

  • On September 18, 2015, HEAD is screening as part of the late nite screenings at the Lake Erie Arts and Film Festival in Sandusky, Ohio! – you can find the full festival schedule here: http://lakeeriefilm.org/2015festival.html
  • Come out for a special screening of HEAD in Belfast, Ireland on October 24, 2015–just in time for Halloween! Check out the website for The Yellow Fever Indie Film Fest at Movie House Cinemas for all the details! http://theyfiff.wix.com/theyfiff
  • Fall festival season continues!!! HEAD will be screening on HALLOWEEN at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, California, at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp on October 31, 2015! And it’s been nominated for “BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS” in a feature film!

AND HEAD was just added to the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 20-26, 2015! This is a biggie–Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival has been named one of the Top 13 Horror Film Festivals to Die For by Movie Maker Magazine!

Looks like HEAD is taking over the world!! You’ll want to be there to see history in the making!!


Keith Paul continues to Team Up with Elmwood Productions!

Our fearless leader, Keith Paul, lover of puppets, and his new teammates over at Elmwood Productions bring more film to Paris In Plantsville as they continue their screening spree this summer with a short film double-feature!

Paris in Plantsville presents a double feature of short films on August 21 & 22, 2015. August 21 and 22, they’ll be screening the thriller, The Hollow Waltz, from Euphio Films, and the comedy, The Risley Brothers, from Elmwood Productions.

Look for more film events to be announced!

The doors open at 7PM for both screenings, with the films starting at 8PM–$5.00 at the door for admission. Following the screenings, the filmmakers and cast members will be on hand for Q&A sessions.

THE HOLLOW WALTZ: Written and Directed by S.W. Rand

In a city filled with corruption and greed, a sorted array of characters lead this tale through a corrupt New England city. Everyone is trying to survive another few days, despite their dwindling luck. Revenge, backstabbing, and riches make for a good time in Frog Hollow. Rated R for language and violent behavior. www.euphiofilms.com


Wes and Quig have just re-opened their grandfather’s bar. With low expectations for success, and discovering that the old regulars have all passed away, they aren’t sure if they will make this first month’s electric bill. But they have bigger problems to deal with: the women in their lives… Rated PG-13 for language and brief sexual discussions. www.elmwoodproductions.com

Total run-time for both films is approximately 90 minutes.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

Do It for The Puppets!

You might remember Elmwood Productions from ANIMAL BEHAVIOR last December. Not only do these crazy kids put on live puppet performances for your wonder and amazement, it turns out that they’re also pretty skilled at making movies. The Desultory Theatre Club’s own Keith Paul has partnered with them on a hell of a project that you won’t want to miss!

HEAD **Horror Film Starring Puppets!** is exactly what it sounds like–a 70’s-style B-horror film populated entirely by puppets…who are playing it straight as humans. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

What could be better than a weekend camping retreat with your friends? What could be worse than finding out the woods where you’re setting up camp was the site of a brutal mass murder from the decade before? Four young men and women are about to find out more than they ever bargained for in HEAD.

This is where you come in… There’s less than a week to go on the HEAD Kickstarter and they’re short of their goal. If they don’t reach their minimum funding, they will get nothing, nada, zip, ZILCH! All that money raised so far goes away! Even $1 can make the difference between a dream and a reality. Do it for the little company out of Plainville, Connecticut with a panache for puppetry. Do it for Keith Paul’s debut with Elmwood Productions. Do it for the puppets!

3rd Time Is Always A Charm!! Pocket Vinyl And A Movie!! Are You Ready for More Awesomeness?!?

Join us on November 23 as we welcome back POCKET VINYL!! Piano Slam Rock and Live Painting that will be auctioned off at the end of the show!! Included in this already great night of Entertainment, enjoy the DTC premiere of the short film “Terrestrial Violence,” a local, but awesome, Alien movie (and winner of Best Experimental Film at the Litchfield Hills Film Festival)! by Ebony and Preston Parish!!

Pocket Vinyl - The Desultory Theatre Club

Where’s my Popcorn?!? DTC Takes Over Artwell!

So, once again the DTC takes over Artwell!

This time for a movie premiere Triple Feature!!

Who or What is CrookieCookie?  Mind Powers?  Really?  Villains from the planet Palindroma?  Free homemade chocolate chip Cookies from Rocket Fine Street Food?  BYOB?  I can show up in my Pajamas?  In an art gallery?!?  Come a little early and check out Artwell’s new “Mixed Media” exhibit!  In Torrington?!?!?  And it’s FREE???

Be There!

The CrookieCookie Trilogy

When it comes to local filmakers, there is one man that I admire a ridiculous amount, and that man is Mike Verna.

The stuff that he churns out through his Five Film Productions company is great fun and super-creative.  The reason I chose to adapt the first CrookieCookie film as a short play was only in tribute to something I enjoyed so very very much.  And now, through the powers of chance, I have the full Trilogy of films in my hand for a short while.  So why not share them?

Looking for a FUN and FREE way to kick off your Spring Break?
Are you someone who is fascinated with Mind Powers?
Are you someone who likes forwarding cool events to their Facebook friends?
Are you someone who appreciates Original Films?

Come spend part of your evening, Monday April 25th, with the Desultory Theatre Club!

6:00 till 8:00 PM!

Grab some Beverages and Munchies!
Put on some Pajamas!
Bring a comfy chair or some Pillows and a Blanket!

Come down to Artwell and watch the Original CrookieCookie Trilogy!!
Running time is about 2 Hours!
Come follow the adventures of CrookieCookie and his Mind Powers!

Three Original Short Films!

Film 1 – CrookieCookie!

3 Guys.  1 Elephant.  A Test of Strength!

Film 2 – CrookieCookie 2: CrookieCookie + CrookieCookie!

See CrookieCookie battle ONINO from the Planet PALINDROMA!

Film 3 – CrookieCookie 3: CrookieCookie Nights!

The never-before-seen conclusion to the trilogy by the Public!

First Film starts at 6:00 PM!

The Artwell Gallery, 19 Main Street, Torrington, CT
Donations for the use of the space at Artwell are always welcome.

RSVP Here – https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137184449688566