Chit Chat

People who have attended our shows tend to say things like…

audience - The Desultory Theatre Club


“I like experimental theater, it was a carnival sideshow quality with some good humor and emotional beats about personal connections, how rarity relates to how something is special, all while being pretty damn weird. I can’t say I understand the play yet, but I liked it and the performers were talented.”


“The Desultory Theatre Club have once again brought something radically different to downtown Torrington in the form of a cogently styled play.


“I was shocked and appalled at this show. Not by the performers, they were great and put on a fabulous act. It was by some dude crushing ‘Gansetts with a straw and heckling the performers.

Both crimes should be capital offenses.

Cheers to all who performed.”


“We had a great evening of many smiles.”

A Romantic Evening with Chrissy Gardner and Robert Messore - The Desultory Theatre Club


“We had an awesome-o time!!!”


“I’m going to spray my excitement all over.”


“I’ve got the warm-n-fuzzies…  Such an amazing night last night, such awesome people…  Proof that there is some magic tucked away here.”


“What an awesome night/show! The girls were beautiful, creative, and amazing! Great job DTC!”


“Aaargh!  Missed another one – and I used to be cool. er.”


“That was awesome.  So glad I was there!”


“Sooooooo sorry for all of you watching reruns on tv last night.  We watched burlesque, belly dancers, broken glass, bricks smashed on foreheads, lightbulb eaters….a puppet show….. and good old rock’n’roll with The Desultory Theatre Club & Rocket Fine Street Foods!”



“Awesome night last night! One of the best T-town nights ever!”


“Thanks for saving Torrington from terminal normalcy and apathy.  It was an excellent night!”


“Thanks for an amazing night of performance.  It was great to see the play done so well, and to have a multimedia presentation that hit home.  Keep it up DTC, can’t wait for the next one.”


“Well done last night, and a capacity crowd to boot!  Suggestions for future events – have the monkeys wear fezzes and the midgets should be dressed like characters from the game Monopoly”


“Loved the play, burlesque was perfect complement to it, band sounded great.  You know when you have people laughing, crying, screaming and dancing (all within about 2 hours) you’re onto something great.  Huge props, really looking forward to the next one.”


“What an awesome night!  Everything was so great the play, Dot, the band….I love a theatre that takes risks!!!!”

In 3-D - The Desultory Theatre Club


“Hear. Hear. The DTC knows how to show a boy a good time!”


“Last night was a veritable three-course cultural pigout! So, so many emotions/sins experienced; joy, lust, envy, grief, sympathy, gluttony, even a little nausea on the side (my fault – NEVER drink a Schlitz thats gone warm…)”


“Awesome show last night!  You outdid yourself this time for sure.  Great pick on the play, the actors had me choked up quite a few times. I actually got — to dance to the band (he likes dancing about as much as karaoke) and I want to know where the lovely Dot Mitzvah got her sparkly red lipstick!”


“Sweet!  Pun intended.”


“An AWESOME night out in Torrington on Friday – WOWEE! 🙂  Thanks to The Desultory Theatre Club,  Artwell and, of course, Rocket Fine Street Food!!!!”


“Crookie Cookie!”



“We had a good time.  And your friend Jamal is FANTASTIC!  I hope you can coax hime out to play more often!”


“I too enjoy “the world of Art and all it’s “Magic” or should I have said “Mind Power”!  It was another enjoyable evening out with the “Girls” and I thank you.


“I ♥ the pigeon!  Awesome!”

Jumper - The Desultory Theatre Club


“JUMPER was great!!  Got to send the author off to California & watch the launch of The Desultory Theatre Club.  What a way to beat a cold February evening!”


“I’m popping pills so I’ll be properly sedated when I arrive.  I can’t wait to see all your effort come to fruition!”



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