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Jumper - The Desultory Theatre Club

JUMPER, the first The Desultory Theatre Club production ~ photo by Katherine Ray Photography

At what point does performance become theatre? At what point does theatre become spectacle? And who decides where the line is?

The Desultory Theatre Club holds that these are the relevant questions any theatre troupe must explore in order to create true art. Blurring, ignoring and, occasionally, defining the line between performance, theatre and spectacle is our method of invigorating what many believe is a dying art form.

We are not among those who believe that. Theatre is alive and well, and at the moment of consumption, vivifying. It is that ability to give life to ideas and emotions, then collaborate with the audience that makes theatre unique.

It is our mission to explore the nature of that collaboration, to engage in the conceits and dogmas of theatre while challenging them at the same time. Or, if the moment calls for it, to reinforce the structure and form of our art. Not every piece requires the Brechtian moment of rational self-reflection. Not every spectacle calls for a climactic catharsis.

Just as each person is unique, so is each performance. The Story of Theatre morphs and grows with each production, and we invite you, the audience, to join the Desultory Theatre Club in writing a new chapter.