Do It for The Puppets!

You might remember Elmwood Productions from ANIMAL BEHAVIOR last December. Not only do these crazy kids put on live puppet performances for your wonder and amazement, it turns out that they’re also pretty skilled at making movies. The Desultory Theatre Club’s own Keith Paul has partnered with them on a hell of a project that you won’t want to miss!

HEAD **Horror Film Starring Puppets!** is exactly what it sounds like–a 70’s-style B-horror film populated entirely by puppets…who are playing it straight as humans. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

What could be better than a weekend camping retreat with your friends? What could be worse than finding out the woods where you’re setting up camp was the site of a brutal mass murder from the decade before? Four young men and women are about to find out more than they ever bargained for in HEAD.

This is where you come in… There’s less than a week to go on the HEAD Kickstarter and they’re short of their goal. If they don’t reach their minimum funding, they will get nothing, nada, zip, ZILCH! All that money raised so far goes away! Even $1 can make the difference between a dream and a reality. Do it for the little company out of Plainville, Connecticut with a panache for puppetry. Do it for Keith Paul’s debut with Elmwood Productions. Do it for the puppets!


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