Pocket Vinyl Returns!

10679818_840314952653728_8613679378208338332_oThe Desultory Theatre Club and The Arts Desire proudly present the awesomeness that is POCKET VINYL!

We are very excited about our friends in Pocket Vinyl returning to the Northwest Corner!

Not familiar with them yet?

Here’s the quick version: Eric plays the piano while Elizabeth paints on stage. The paintings are then sold at every concert to the highest bidder. They’re married. They’re from New London, CT. They’ve released 3 albums, the most recent of which was “Death Anxiety” in 2013. They invented the world’s first “MP” (short for “mini play”). They’re full time musicians working on a DIY level.

They’re trying very hard to be your favorite band.

You can see more at: http://www.pocketvinyl.com/

Tickets $13.00 at the door.

Come early to meet the wonderful owners of The Art’s Desire and find out about the other great happenings there!


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