The Park & Pocket Vinyl!!


What a line-up for our 50th show!!!

It’s going to be a great night of music and entertainment!

The Park is a Connecticut duo composed of Parker Hu and Mik Walker. The Park began as Parker’s solo project, starting with her first self-released album in 2004. Since then, she has continued to write original music, performing across the New England area and releasing three more albums. Her most recent studio album, Time and Place, has been described as “…buoyant, haunting and poignant, richly textured and varied.” The Park’s music style is characterized by unique guitar playing, melodic harmonies, and thought-provoking lyrics. Their music has been featured in CT Indie magazine, Local Band Review, Chip’s Unnamed Local Band Show and in-studio on WPKN.

Joined by Mik Walker in 2012, Mik brings to The Park an up-front and lyrical bass, occasional guitar and improvisational melodies. Mik plays a variety of instruments and has many years of diverse playing experience in both the UK and the US. He remains active with a constantly evolving number of eclectic musical projects in Connecticut and via the web. Beyond her solo work, Parker is also involved in projects across multiple genres, including dark indie folk, Brazilian samba, and electronic dance music.

Latest album “Time and Place” available at:

Pocket Vinyl is a melodic mesh between a piano and a painting.

A unique show which includes Eric, a man who hits, beats, and slams a piano with his blistered fingers while his wife, Elizabeth creates a brand new painting each night. Every show is different, and each show memorable to those who attend. At the end of the evening, they even auction of the piece that was created during the show!

Hailing from New London, CT, they’ve played over 150 shows is nearly every state east of the Mississippi River, and even quite a few beyond that. Their t-shirts and CD packaging are all hand-made. They’ve created a handful of stop animation music videos, On-the-road documentaries, full length albums, EPs, and singles. They book, manage, and create everything themselves, and are incredibly proud of that fact.

Whether they’re playing for 2 or 2000 people, they always bring their intensity and art 100%.

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