Has It Been That long?!? Here’s to A Year!

Hey Hey Hey!!!  It’s our 1 year Anniversary!!  On this day, 1 year ago, we premiered our very first show, “Jumper“.  And then 8 other shows after that.  So a special Cheers goes out to all the artists and supporters out there!!  PS – Save these dates, Friday March 30 and Saturday April 28.  More info coming real soon!!




Hey there Kats n Kittens!

First off, THANK YOU to all who came out to make last weeks Rock ‘n Roll Circus Sideshow such a success.  The show of love and support is a great thing.  Stay tuned and there will be pictures posted soon!!

The next few Desultory gigs have been booked so get out your calenders and mark these dates….

SEPT 3 – The Desultory Theatre Club presents an evening of Original Poetry, Dance and Music!

OCT 14 – The Desultory Theatre Club is kicking it old school with a Staged Reading of George Orwell’s classic “Animal Farm“!

More details on these events to follow soon!

Til then…..

Well, Here We Go. Welcome to the Web, Desultory Theatre Club!

cropped-185641_199941686691061_187100211308542_717059_3554965_n2.jpgAnd on the third month…  he created a Blog.

All right.  It’s time.

Well, I said I was going to create a theater company and I did.

With two shows successfully under our belts in the last few months, and more quickly approaching, it’s high time to have something other than a Facebook page to keep fans in the know.

I’m dating this in February, but it really wasn’t started until April.


Now If only I could keep my stalkers away.
It’s going to take a bit to fine tune this page, so hang on tight!