Photos: CrookieCookie

For those of you that missed and evening filled with “Mind Powers” and Mayhem, and those of you who want to remember them, here are the few pictures that made it out of Artwell in one piece.

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Next up was our first solo show at the Artwell Gallery!

Looking to blend the Arts together,  The DTC presented an evening of Music, Theatre and Photography!  With Special Guest yummies by the Rocket Fine Street Food gang!  The Rocket parked outside and a line immediately formed!  Artwell’s “Shooting from Your Third Eye” Photography exhibit was on display.  The seats in the gallery filled up with standing room in the back.  The Sawtelles began the evening with their own special blend of “Nerve Rock”.  Followed up by the world Premiere of Mike Verna‘s “CrookieCookie”, a play about Mind Powers, based on the short film of the same name.  After that the audience was treated to a performance by Jamal Ford-Bey.

Another successful evening for all in the books!Crookie Cookie - The Desultory Theatre Club