The Return of the WHAM City Comedy!

It’s the Return of The WHAM City Comedy Tour!!

Man, we just love these crazy kids and we are super excited to be teaming up with the Sea Tea Comedy Theater crew to bring them to you for a Special Early Monday Night Show!! I know you’re thinking… MONDAY?!? But yes! Don’t miss out! And they will be joined by opener, Lorelei Ramirez for this show!

Wham City Comedy is Ben O’Brien, Alan Resnick and Robby Rackleff, a comedy & video collective based in Baltimore known for their bizarre viral videos and absurdist performances. They have created a series of infomercials for Adult Swim including “Unedited Footage of a Bear”, “Live Forever As You Are Now” and most recently “This House Has People In It”. You can also catch them on IFC’s Comedy Web Series, “The Mirror”!

For this special 7pm show, Tickets are $10 and will be available online in a few days at!