10 YEARS!! And Growing?!?

The evening was Feb 19, 2010.

The place was the Artwell Gallery on Water Street and they were about to help birth a most desultory life. Filled to the brim with people who came for an art exhibit invaded by a most unusual short play. A collective ensemble of people seeking something different.

Jumper - The Desultory Theatre Club

That night, with the help of Artwell, Matthew Doyle, Eric Wilczak, Jess Rawling, Tom Foran, Katherine Ray, Maximilian Tieman, Brenna Mack, Otto Pippinger and Paul Revaz, the magic of The Desultory Theatre Club took hold. And now with a hundred plus shows, helping highlight local arts, artists and arts scenes we can look back and be real proud of our decision to share these experiences with you in the northwest corner of CT.

As we enter our 10th year, with over a hundred shows in an amazing variety of locations… bringing together sooo many artists from CT. And watching the new projects that spawned from there.

I can’t wait to see what surprises unfold this year. And we are certainly excited about sharing with you. If and when those brilliant ideas do happen…

But for today, we would like to just say Thank you. For those of you who truly support and make a genuine effort to help your local arts scenes.

This year more than ever we need to find new ways to share our imagination and light with each other. See you soon…




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