A Taste of Burlesque at The Ritz Crystal Room

Join us, Friday, May 27th, when The Desultory Theatre Club presents…

“A Taste of Burlesque” at The Ritz Crystal Room!

Join The Desultory Theatre Club at a special performance at The Ritz Crystal Room on Friday, May 27th, including a 3-course meal, burlesque, and a special chat back at the end of the evening!

It’s a tease of tastes for the eyes and mouth!

Delight in a  3-course meal specially prepared by the wonderful folks at The Ritz Crystal Room and indulge in 2 classic burlesque performances from some of Connecticut’s best BurlyQ beauties, Dot Mitzvah and Vivienne LaFlamme! Then savor the special treat  for the evening: a “chat back” with DTC Artistic Director, Keith Paul, and the ladies!

Tickets are $50 (including dinner, tax and tip) with limited seats available, so get yours while they last!

Buy your tickets now at:
The Ritz Crystal Room @ Remember When
111 Main Street – Torrington, CT

Dinner at 7, First Performance at 7:30!

Check out more from the Ritz Crystal Room at www.remwhen.com!


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