While The Desultory Theatre Club finishes programming the beginning of their next season, our very own, Keith Paul, has been spending his days and nights working on his next project…  LOST IN YONKERS at the Warner Theatre’s Nancy Marine Studio Theatre.


By America’s great comic playwright, Neil Simon, this memory play brings us back to Yonkers in 1942. The hit Broadway production featured Irene Worth, Mercedes Ruehl and Kevin Spacey in award-winning performances.

As the play opens, ne’er-do-well Eddie Kurnitz–recently widowed and financially strapped–deposits his two adolescent sons on his mother’s doorstep to take to the road as a traveling salesman. The boys are left to contend with the stern and terrifying Grandma Kurnitz, their sweet but mentally-challenged Aunt Bella, and Louie, a small-time hoodlum running from gangsters…who also happens to be their uncle. What a strange new world Yonkers is.

Catch LOST IN YONKERS at The Warner Theatre’s Nancy Marine Studio Theatre from March 5, 2016, through March 13, 2016.

For details, check out the Facebook Event Page and/or the Warner Theatre’s website.

Directed by Keith Paul

Featuring the acting talents of Michael Rooney, Colby Morkan, Holly Martin, Karen Parent, James Hyland, Eric Hammer and Beverly Delventhal-Sali.

And Original Music from Mr Preston Parish!


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