This Friday Night… Come share the GLUM…


GlumPuppet is esoteric modern vaudeville, celebrating cultural favorites such as: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Blade Runner, Star Trek, Dr. Who, etc.

You know you want to join Drosh & Lana Peck for a night of music, video and mayhem from their wildly popular video channel, A rare Live treat!!

Surprise guests include, Ravenman and Nosecrops!

Eurisko & Bella’s Bartok!!

Eurisko & Bella's Bartok!!

An Evening of Musical Adventure and Crazy Partying!!


Eurisko is a 5-piece rock band from the greater New Haven/Waterbury area that formed in early 2010, putting together members of CT bands Barstow, Just For Today, The Switch, and First Aid Kit, and Lazywayout. Since their inception they have developed a sound soaked in whiskey, multi-layered guitar riffs, and grim lyrics. Influenced primarily by folk and indie rock, Eurisko’s music spans from quickly paced melodic ballads to deep, creeping songs carrying shipments of woe. Combining three guitars, bass, and drums, Eurisko sets the scene for the dynamic narratives that characterize their unique style of songwriting. Eurisko has drawn comparisons to Tom Waits, The Decemberists, Murder By Death, and Bright Eyes.


When the Balkan-inspired, circusy sound of Bella’s Bartok hits your ears, you are no longer in control. You are out of your seat and you’re bouncing up and down, and soon your arms are flailing and you’re smiling and screaming. Your bad day, your cold, your fatigue have all vanished, and it’s not even the end of the first song.

They sound like Tom Waits kicking the crap out of the Fleet Foxes, whilst being serenaded by a klezmer wedding band.

They’ll play your wedding, your dive bar, your DIY venue, your backyard and the street. Electric or acoustic. They are here to make you dance, make you scream and make it happen all over again. Walk and dance, run and rage. They’re Bella’s Bartok.


Doors Open at 7:30 – Show starts at 8pm!!

Tickets $13.00 at the door! BYOB!!

It’s Life-Drawing meets Cabaret!!

It's Life-Drawing meets Cabaret!!

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School comes to Torrington!!

Another EP Release Party at the DTC!!!

Join us this Saturday night!!

Join us this Saturday night!!

Join us for a special night to put in the history books! The Sawtelles travel up to the club to release their “Orange” EP!! Also ready to rock the stage that night, it’s… Jose Oyola & The Astronauts!!!


Jose Oyola & the Astronauts is an experimental indie rock project based out of New Haven, CT.

Originally a solo songster Jose now occupies a large 5-bedroom apartment on Orange Street called Taco Hut Headquarters that has become a hub for new CT music. A stable of musicians from that community have teamed up to become The Astronauts. Jose’s original songs have flown to new heights with the Astronauts forging new beginnings for New Haven based music.

Jose Oyola & the Astronauts released their debut album “Give, Give, Give. Take, Take, Take.” On February 2nd, 2013.

CT Indie proclaimed, “Jose Oyola is New Haven’s savior.”


The Sawtelles claim that they will play just about anywhere. Really. They have already played on a train, in a bathtub and on the rails to trails bike path.

This husband and wife duo is a balance of four elements, alternate-tuned guitar, stand-up drum kit (ala Velvet Underground’s Mo Tucker) and two voices. Sparse but intricately arranged pop that is as lush as it is threadbare makes what is played as important as what isn’t.

Their self-produced DYI philosophy aligns them more with the hand painted Sun Ra LP’s of 1950’s and 60’s then it does with those striving for mainstream commercial success.

They like to call themselves “nerve rock”. While most rock groups go for the louder/ faster/ harder angle, The Sawtelles strip it down to the absolute bare minimum you need to still be rock ‘n’ roll. Their “nerve” is elegant minimalism. All elbows and cheekbones, they are; and the wonderful thing is that there are no secrets, no cards up their sleeves, because they’re not trying to out-cool you.




Join a robot invasion this weekend! On Saturday 3/29 at 10pm, the Desultory Theatre Club will present their 2nd annual Robot Dance Off: 2014 hosted by Snapper Magees at 178 Water Street in Torrington, CT. Nationally recognized musical acts including Ghost & Goblin, the Fantastic Plastics and The Super Scenics will provide the live music. Although wearing a robot costume is not required for attendance, Keith Paul, the artistic director of the Desultory Theatre Club, advises that prizes will be handed out for Best in Show, Sexiest and Robot with the Best Dance Moves.

“Last year’s event was filled with so many surprises,” said Paul. “People traveled from all over to be there, I can only imagine how amazing and crazy this years’ Dance Off will be!”
Tickets will be available at the door when they open at 9pm.

Songwriters Take on the Great American Songbook #3

Songwriters Take on the Great American Songbook #3

We are so excited and Lucky to be able to re-schedule our canceled Valentines show with the Amazing Kate Callahan and Echo Joy, Grace Black and Robert C Fullerton! Check it out!!

Join Us for our 3rd Birthday Party!!!

Join Us for our 3rd Birthday Party!!!

Great Bands! Wonderful Strangers! And Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes!!!

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